Rachael Redgate is a life, career coach & figure skater who helps people transition into more fulfilling careers. On this episode of lion fury Rachael speaks candidly about her journey into coaching & her personal goals for the future. She also discusses the challenges of striving to make mindful choices driven by hope, growth & possibility.




Laura Herde is a life & empowerment coach. She helps people unlock the power within & turn their craziest dreams & wildest visions into reality. On this episode Laura speaks openly about her struggles as a teenager & the choices she made that defined her values and lead her to live a confident, inspired and purposeful life.




James Nussbaumer is an author & keynote speaker. Despite the perks of 25 years in the finance industry, it was a career he loathed. At age 50 he made a mistake, a security violation, which resulted in a 10 year prison sentence. He was thrown into a volatile state prison. Whilst serving 8 years he found the book he had been searching for his entire life ‘a course in miracles’. It inspired him to use the limited resources he had to forge his own path as an author. His first book 'the master of everything' was published from the inside. On this episode James shares his harrowing experiences in prison offering insights into the art of forgiving yourself, how to overcome adversity & how we can be free from the prison in which virtually all of us dwell, the dominance of the ego.

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Simon Kerrison is a British actor, writer & martial artist based in Germany. He has featured in Peaky Blinders & the soon to be released films Gypsy Queen & English outlaw, the story of Dick Turpin. On this episode of Lion Fury, Simon shares his no frills, just do it approach to acting & life. From the mezzanine floor of Cafe Koppel in Hamburg, he discusses his experiences on set, the German Film industry & the power of generating your own content. 



Joe Alexander holds 43 world records including 19 Guinness world records. He has competed internationally in Taekwondo, been a long time stunt fight coach for film & theatre and is renowned for catching arrows fired at him from a cross bow, hence the title of his motivational book ‘Fang den Pfeil’ (catch the arrow). Joe’s unconventional coaching methods challenge people to find answers through facing fear. Danny & Joe embark on a wild adventure through a forest where they discuss what motivates Joe to lead such an extraordinary way of life. Joe puts Danny through his paces exploring the art of trusting in oneself. 

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Nadine Barrett is a lifestyle coach, writer & public speaker helping people create a lifestyle balance to gain ultimate clarity, connection & confidence. She runs the online community 'The Emerging Warrior' & is soon to be featured in the book 'Rise - in pursuit of empowerment'. Nadine discusses the importance of observing our patterns, finding the space, prioritising our energy & trusting in ourselves. 



Lisa Taitt-Stevenson is the author of 'It is what it is, until it isn't'. Lisa's journey is truly remarkable. After enduring abuse & surviving tragedy, she is a strong & inspiring voice now empowering women. On this episode of Lion Fury Lisa courageously shares her story discussing what it means to take your power back & live intentionally in a world where everything is temporary.

Lion Fury kicks off 2019 with insights from life & mindset coach Sophia Niekler. Sophia left corporate work in China to focus on helping others on their way to living with purpose. Warning, her positivity is contagious.

Continuing to explore themes around navigating daily life as a highly sensitive person Danny chats with Jane Tavakalian, an intuitive business & life coach, international speaker & healer. She helps empaths & sensitive beings stop absorbing stress from others, navigate sensitivity overload, deepen their spiritual connection & start the work & life they love. Jane offers a unique set of tools for empaths feeling overwhelmed & depleted to be able to harness & celebrate their sensitive superpowers & contribute their gifts to the world. It would be great if males in particular had more of these types of conversations & displace myths around what it means to be masculine. 

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Jennifer Norton is an Informational, Motivation and Inspirational Speaker. She shares her knowledge as a Consciousness Coach for professional Creatives and Entrepreneurs. Jennifer also offers her services as an Instructor for Coaches, Speakers, Actors, Directors, Writers, and Producers, in workshops, group lessons, individual sessions, and online. Jennifer also actively collaborates as a director, a voiceover artist, and an actor, in both live and digital mediums. Currently residing in Florence, she is a creative collaborator with several international companies in the UK, USA, Bangladesh, Holland, and Italy; and when she is not speaking, coaching, acting or directing, she cultivates her skills as a fine artist and a writer.

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